Company P. P. Z. SŁAWA Sp. o.o. In Tomaszów Lubelski – Poland is proud to present a commercial offer information covering a full range of products varieties we offer, we are the supplier of locally cultivated kidney beans in the ecologically clean region of the Lublin region in Poland.
The distribution of raw material kidney beans usually begins at late september and runs until late april.
The raw material we export comes from the collections in areas of Tomaszów Lubelski, Zamość, Chełm and Hrubieszów.

The tradition of growing beans in our region, experience of local producers means that we can offer the highest quality products.
Recentely wide range of new equipment is used for the harvest and after harvest processes which has great influence on quality of collected material and later supplied to end clients.

The product that is collected from producers is at the later stage processed in our company facilities on various equipment including high quality optical sorter and at the last stage inspected by our employees on inspection table.

The raw material products that are mainly cultivated localy are:

  • medium white kidney beans (pl. fasola Jas karlowy, it. Fagioli Bianchi do Spagna)
  • large white kidney beans (pl. fasola jaś piekny; it. Fagioli Corona)
  • small white kidney beans (pl. Aura, Igolomska; it. cannellini)
  • Red kidney beans
  • Borlotti beans

Our company posses internal laboratory where we check the quality of raw material collected and quality prepared for our partners to the specification levels required.
Also annually we outsource number raw material examinations to external specified laboratories.

We welcome all enquiries and will be happy to provide all the information needed or samples of products if required.