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White Kidney beans alubia
available in calibration of: 300-360pcs/100g Click the button below for more details
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White kidney beans/butter beans “Jas karlowy”
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Look "White kidney beans/butter beans “Jas karlowy”"
Red Kidney beans
available in calibration of: 190-220pcs/100g Click the button below for more details
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P. P. Z. Slawa is a Polish company is supplier of polish agricultural products, we offer various types of kidney beans and cereals including wheat and rye.

Many years of experience in cooperation with agricultural producers results in that kidney beans and grains collected at very high and stable quality parameters.
We continuously working on improving the quality of our products and equipment we use durring production process. Our company posess high quality processing line including sieving machine petcus and optical sortex machine at the final stage the product is checked on the ins.

We are highly rated as trusworthy exporter of kidney beans to worlds markets, canning, packing and trading companies.

The work on improving the quality of our beans, starts at the implementation and dissemination of new original species of beans in the form of certified seed.
We advice agricultural producers on the managment of crops with the help of certified seed.
When working on the quality of the beans are competent organization of buying points is very important. We very carefully asses the quality of the beans delivered by the producers.

We make sure our raw material is properly stored and HACCP procedures followed.
Product is usually prepared in according to individual customer quality expectations.
If the customer does not specify individual expectations we use Polish Standards. (PN)

Our goal is to customize cultivated variates of beans to the needs of the consumer markets.

Based on the number of meetings and contracts, we gradually implement in our area the promotion of bean varieties which ones is demand for.

In addition to the highest quality products our great asset is a punctuality of delivery, flexible distribiution, minimum logistics, the ability to adjust the quality parameters of products to individual customer needs.

We welcome all enquiries and business proposals.