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Dwarf French Bean ‘Igolomska’ (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) – Medium early, fertile, dwarf french bean variety ready for harvest in 95-110 days. Grows as 30-40cm (11.8-15.7in) tall bush and forms cream colour pods with white seeds. Best for fresh consumption and processing. Suitable for outside growing. Grows best at optimum outside temperature of +20-25C, in medium heavy soils protected from winds. Naturally rich in essential minerals, providing great nutritional value and supporting overall health.

1. PRODUCT NAME Igolomska bean
2. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Compliant with polish norm PN-75 R65031
3. Organoleptic
and chemical
Product Features:
3a. Appearance of grain clean, whole, healthy, well grown , dry without contamination
3b. Color Color typical of healthy seeds
3c. Smell The smell natural, kind, without the smell of mold, musty or other extraneous odors.
3d. Moisture – not more than 16,0 %
3e. Features unacceptable Features disqualifying beans is the presence of grain rotting, moldy, brewed, the presence of pest and pesticide residues.
4. POLLUTION Total 4,00 %
4a. In this decayed grains and moldy 1,00 %
4b. organic pollutants 0,30 %
4c. mineral pollutants 0,20 %
4d. admixture of other bean grains (white/black) Max 5 %
5. Product Specifications Nutritional values per 100 grams of product
5a. Energy 1329 kJ / 315 kcal
5b. Fat 1,6 g
5c. Incl. saturated fat acids 0,2 g
5d. Carbohydrates 46 g
5e. Including sugars 2 g
5f. Roughage 16 g
5g. Protein 21,4 g
5h. Salt 0,02 g
6. Content of compounds
harmful to health
Max level in mg/kg:
Lead (Pb): 0,20
Cadmium (Cd): 0,05
According to Commission Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 of 19 December 2006. Setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs, as amended.
7. Mycotoxins The limits comply with current legal requirements in force in Poland and the European Union
8. Allergens Does not contain
10. PACKING Polypropylene bags of 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg or 1,000 kg (intended for contact with food), whole, clean, dry, without foreign odors, protecting against contamination, moisture and dirt.
11. THE STORAGE CONDITIONS Storage in a clean and dry, well-ventilated, free of pests and extraneous odors
12. DESTINY Beans is designed for the retail market and direct consumption.
13. DISTRIBUTION Vehicles used for the carriage of beans should be clean, dry and free from pests and extraneous odors.