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Relatively new in our offer, we work on making these kind of kidney beans to be more popular with local farmers, gradually the quantities will become bigger.

Alubia beans are well recognized by the world market as a high quality source for these beans with a remarkable appearance and extraordinary taste .

Alubia beans are an excellent source of protein, rich in fiber and low in fat.

It also ranks low in glycemic index (impact on blood sugar levels), which all together makes an excellent source to decrease weight in a healthy way. It is an important food element to decrease cholesterol levels too. Alos It is rich in minerals such as magnesium which helps to handle stress better.

Alubia Beans is a well-established ingredient for making soup, salads, baked beans, and curry dishes, among many others

Cultivation: Common
Moisture: max 16%
Purity: 99%
Quality: Sortex cleanded and hand inspected

1. PRODUCT NAME White Kidney beans alubia | Nr. 1-A-2019
2. ORIGIN Poland
3. Organoleptic
and chemical
Product Features:
3a. Appearance of grain clean, whole, healthy, well grown , dry without contamination
3b. Color Color typical of healthy seeds
3c. Smell The smell natural, kind, without the smell of mold, musty or other extraneous odors.
3d. Moisture – not more than 16,0 %
3e. Features unacceptable Features disqualifying beans is the presence of grain rotting, moldy, brewed, the presence of pest and pesticide residues.
4a. Grains with holes / foreign bodies none
4b. Stained graines 0,30 %
Slightly stained 3,00 %
4c. Damaged 5mm+ / defective
incl.halves, wrinkled
max 2,00 %
4d. Admixture 0,10 %
4e. mineral and organic pollutants 0,10 %
5. Content of compounds
harmful to health
Max level in mg/kg:
Lead (Pb): 0,20
Cadmium (Cd): 0,05
According to Commission Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 of 19 December 2006. Setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs, as amended.
6. Mycotoxins The limits comply with current legal requirements in force in Poland and the European Union
7. Allergens Do not contain
9. PACKING Polypropylene bags of 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg or 1,000 kg (intended for contact with food), whole, clean, dry, without foreign odors, protecting against contamination, moisture and dirt.
10. THE STORAGE CONDITIONS Storage in a clean and dry, well-ventilated, free of pests and extraneous odors
11. DESTINY Beans is designed for the retail market and direct consumption.
12. DISTRIBUTION Vehicles used for the carriage of beans should be clean, dry and free from pests and extraneous odors.